About the Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra

The RTWSO is a community organisation that brings people together, whether as playing members or audience. We believe passionately in encouraging music-making, nurturing new talent, enhancing the skill of players and delivering enjoyable concerts that inspire the widest possible range of people.

The orchestra is made up from a core group of gifted, local musicians, who play alongside a number of professional players. It aims to provide orchestral programmes of excellent quality in the context of a diverse musical season, and the on- stage standards are consistently high. Among UK orchestras, the RTWSO is a true all-rounder that attracts many internationally famous soloists.

A good reputation

The RTWSO enjoys a good reputation and the on-stage standards are consistently high, enabling us to attract internationally famous artists and orchestral musicians. The orchestra engages professional conductors, who contribute control, energy and fresh music interpretations for all our concerts.  Roderick Dunk is the RTWSO Music Director and Julian Leaper is the Leader.

A rewarding musical experience

Many of the RTWSO’s playing members attend rehearsals on Friday evenings before each performance, and extra professionals are engaged on the day of a concert. The RTWSO encourages regular attendance at rehearsals so that those sessions are a rewarding musical experience involving as many parts as possible.

When vacancies arise within the RTWSO, instrumentalists from all sections of the orchestra could be invited by the Orchestral Manager to perform in concerts, after a successful trial period. The Music Director and RTWSO committee regularly review the situation of all its playing members.

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