How to Book Season Tickets


Apply for your season tickets by downloading the season ticket booking form and completing both sides.  This seasons prices are on the Form


Indicate the number of season tickets and relevant price per ticket on the booking form.


Fill in your name and address and indicate whether you are an existing subscriber. If possible, existing subscribers are allocated their usual seats unless they request otherwise.


Select your method of payment, whether by cheque or credit/debit card. For card transactions, we require the cardholder’s billing address, including the postcode. Cheques will be banked and cards charged when your order is received; RTWSO does not retain card details.


Please return your booking form by 30th JUNE 2018 together with a STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE to Gale Smith, RTWS0, 7 Beech Hurst, Pembury, Kent TN2 4DU. Tel 01892 826196 or Email

What happens next

Season tickets will be posted out in July 2018. Please note that season tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.

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