Leave a Legacy

Most local folk would agree that Tunbridge Wells is a special place. Not the least among its many life-enhancing assets is this orchestra, which has just completed its first hundred years of service to the community.

But we live in an era of economic austerity. Government funding for the arts is being progressively pared to the bone, so we must accept that the survival of RTWSO, and of its special contribution to the town’s cultural life, rests in the balance and will increasingly have to depend on local financial support.

To this end, may we invite you to consider including a legacy in your Will to support our endeavours?

The Friends of the RTWSO is a registered charity (No. 296632), so you can expect that the giving of a charitable legacy will also achieve a substantial saving in the amount of Inheritance Tax payable by your estate when the time comes. The tax rate is currently 40%, so (subject to such other exemptions as may also apply in any given case) the likely tax saving in the majority of cases will be 40% of the amount of such a legacy.

We hope that our supporters will feel able to consider supporting the future of RTWSO in this way. If you would like to seek further information, do please contact the Friends’ Chairman, Neil Cumming, at friends@rtwso.org Clearly, you will also wish to seek your own independent legal advice.

It’s often said, that where there’s a will, there’s a way.  May we add our own fervent hope, that when there’s a way, there’s a WILL…

Thank you to all our loyal supporters for your continuing and loyal support and for considering this earnest request.