Education Outreach 2021 – Peter and the Wolf

Whilst running the Education Outreach in times of Covid-19 provided some challenges, the Outreach programme continued this summer. The theme for the 2021 RTWSO Education Outreach was Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.

Visitors were restricted by schools, so the woodwind section made videos of themselves playing the themes from Peter and the Wolf which were then shown to over 300 Tunbridge Wells primary school children in their classrooms.

Using mostly the correct instruments (a bass guitar made a great substitute for Grandad!), the students then learnt to play the famous character themes. They also filmed themselves acting out the story.

RTWSO Outreach Officer, Yvonne Smith, produced a fantastic Covid-friendly means of continuing the Outreach this year, and not only coordinated the project, but edited the filming. The results were sped up to make the parody Peter and the Wolf in One Minute which you can see here:

Peter and the Wolf in One Minute – Year 5

Peter and the Wolf in One Minute – Year 6

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